Karma’s unique pre construction approach places a particular focus on the design phase in all of our projects. Constructing any ideal bathroom requires a meticulous focus on the aesthetics and details of your bathroom. Karma understands just how fundamental this key is, no matter the scale of your build or remodel. If your vision is to create an attractive small bathroom, or a larger luxury spa, our team’s special focus on the design aspect of your project will make that vision a reality. Karma has years of expertise in space planning and management, and dealing with the varying styles of home-construction in your area. From Maryland and Virginia’s wood framed townhouses to DC’s brick and mortar row homes, Karma will help you elegantly optimize your space down to the fine ergonomic details. A larger space presents a wider list of options to make your bathroom attractively inviting and functionally more enjoyable. Karma’s distinctive construction approach combines skilled labor and high-grade materials to ensure that your large bathroom meets the strictest criteria for standing the test of time. With any project, Karma aims not only to make your home more enjoyable, but to create and increase the overall value of your home. The Karma Design process utilizes value adding services such as architects, designers, and engineers to ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion and to the highest standards. Karma’s integration of proven services and exceptional vendor relationships into its unique design approach is what sets us apart from competitors in creating value and satisfaction for our clients. 



Remodeling your bathroom is one of the most common ways homeowners can improve the appeal and value of their home. In the past 2 years alone, there have been over 150,000 bathroom remodels just in DC. The do-it-yourself approach is admirable and can certainly save you money, but this is a time for honesty with your own skill in remodeling. Nothing can replace years of professional experience. Properly installing the various aspects of your remodel can save you from costly mistakes that could result in poor design and damage to other parts of your home that could drain your bank account.  Your time is precious. Karma’s efficient size enables our high caliber team of experienced craftsman and skilled professionals to help you realize and accomplish your ideal vision for your bathroom on time and on budget.



Constructing a completely new bathroom in an already existing home requires more planning, more work, and more permits. Adding a new bathroom to your home requires initial prerequisite work to install the proper electrical, plumbing, and structural components that are required for any bathroom. The additional permits and work, cost additional money. This is why the construction of new bathrooms are usually three times the cost of bathroom remodels. However, don’t let that scare you! The value for adding a new bathroom to any home, instantly creates sales appeal, equity, and improved functionality. Karma is an award winning, boutique “Dream and Build” Residential and Commercial Construction Firm. We have years of experience in building entire homes, bathrooms are no different.  Our team has the experience to transform your unused space into the vision of your perfect bathroom the right way, the first time.

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