​Please note that this is just a general process. All insurance companies and mortgage companies are not the same and the process may vary.

Step 1: Filing your claim

We will assist you in contacting your insurance company’s claim center, or your insurance agent. This initial call is a critical step for getting the restoration process started. Once your claim has been filed with your insurance company they will assign a claim number. Usually within a week your claim center will assign an adjuster to your case. Once assigned, you will receive a call from the adjuster to schedule a time for the inspection/adjustment. Inform him or her that you’d like your contractor present and provide our office’s contact information to schedule directly with us. This is important and not many homeowners are experienced in working with insurance companies. With our veteran staff we can point out the damage more easily and get your claim approved. In addition, being local has allowed us to develop relationships with the insurance adjusters.

Step 2: The Adjustment

Your Karma Home Designs claims assistant will inform you of the scheduled adjustment date. You do not need to be present, but are welcome to be there if you wish. Our restoration specialists will meet with the insurance adjustor and represent you as your contractor. Once the adjuster approves the roof, siding and/or other repair work we will immediately update you if you were not present.

Step 3: After the Adjustment

After the claim is approved, your insurance company will send you the initial loss data sheet in the mail, along with the first insurance draft. Expect this to take up to two weeks. To expedite the process we begin following up with your insurance company just a few days after the adjustment. In many cases, the loss data sheet can be faxed directly to our office as this is an efficient method, and we can review any errors and missed items. You may need to give the claim center permission to send the sheet directly to us.

Step 4: The Insurance Loss Data Sheet

Once your Karma Home Designs claims assistant receives the loss data sheet, he or she will review it thoroughly to ensure everything is included. If it is not, we contact the insurance company directly to update the claim. Your Karma Home Designs claims assistant may choose to do this either immediately or if the items are minor, after completion on the final invoice. It depends on the errors and your insurance company.

Step 5: The Initial Insurance Draft

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the adjuster approved the damages you will receive the first insurance draft, for the actual cash value (ACV) of your claim. While you are waiting for the draft to arrive we will be preparing your roof material and work orders so we’re ready to move forward as soon as it’s received. Upon receipt, call our office to schedule a time for your Karma Home Designs claims assistant to meet with you. He or she will help you choose your new roof selections, read through the loss data sheet and complete a spec sheet. Do you have a mortgage? Expect your mortgage company will be included as a payee. Your claims assistant will help you obtain endorsement, or handle the process for you. We suggest having your Karma Home Designs claims assistant handle this part of the process- after all, it’s what he or she does every day. Keep in mind that they will need minor assistance from you. Once the draft is fully endorsed, we can schedule your new roof/siding replacement.

Step 6: Replacement

Your Karma Home Designs claims assistant will schedule the roof/siding replacement to ensure a mutually convenient date, and will advise you of the time it will take to complete replacement-typically 1-3 days. You may choose to be home when we are working, but are not required to be. In fact, we suggest you are not home as the process can be loud. Here’s what you need to be prepared for: The new material is typically delivered the day before the scheduled start date -The dumpster is typically delivered the day before the scheduled start date- be sure to tell your claims assistant where the dumpster can be placed.

Remember to remove items from your walls and secure any treasured breakables. Replacement can be a dirty job and it will be messy during the installation, by the end of the day everything will be cleaned thoroughly and magnet swept.  If you are not home when the installers finish, your Karma Home Designs claims assistant will contact you with an update Your home may have more damage to be repaired. Please keep in mind the more trades, the longer the entire claim process will take. For example, if new windows were to be installed the siding cannot be installed until the new windows are in.

Step 7: Final Inspections.

Generally two formal inspections will happen before a project is considered complete. Our project manager’s inspection typically occurs within 48 hours of completion-weather permitting. This inspection ensures everything meets both the building codes and Karma Home Designs high standards. Mortgage Companies typically require an inspection. Your claims manager will contact your mortgage company and schedule a completion inspection. They will also schedule your restoration specialist to be present for this inspection if needed. This inspection can usually be scheduled within a few days of completion and completed within two weeks.

Step 8: The Final Invoice

After the work is complete your claims manager will invoice your insurance company directly. They will contact the insurance company to ensure the invoice was received and monitor the process as needed until verification that the final payment has been released. Your Karma Home Designs claims assistant will update you throughout the process as it may take weeks for the insurance company to approve and release the final payment. You will be informed of when you should expect the final payment to arrive. The draft will be sent to your home- upon receipt, contact your claim manager to schedule a time to meet with your Karma Home Designs claims assistant.

Step 9: The Final Payment

Once you’ve received the final insurance draft your Karma Home Designs claims assistant will meet with you at your property. Your claims assistant will collect the final insurance draft and provide you with a receipt. Again, if you have a mortgage, expect your final draft to include the mortgage company as a payee, and your claims manager will handle this for you. Once you receive the fully endorsed payment-notify your claims manager. In many cases we will collect final payment in person, or we may ask that you mail it to us. A certificate of completion will be mailed to you for your records.

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