This day in age the kitchen is the center of the modern home, people spend more time in this space than any other part of their home. Kitchens are also amongst the most common areas of the home to remodel. While kitchen remodels add more equity to your home than any other remodeling project in a house, kitchen remodels also cost more. Most kitchen designers will suggest that the cost of a full kitchen remodel should be somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the market value of your home, a proper kitchen remodel can greatly increase the resale value of your home if you decide to put it on the market. If you are working within a tighter budget or your current kitchen has great bones, our team of professionals can work with you to itemize and update various aspects within your kitchen to increase the profit margins on your home, rather than designing an entirely new kitchen. One very popular modern theme are open concept kitchens. Demoing a wall to create an open space for a new peninsula or island can dramatically change the feel of any home without the need to touch the current layout of your kitchen. With any project, Karma aims not only to make your home more enjoyable, but to create and increase the overall value of your home. The Karma Design process utilizes value adding services such as architects, designers, and engineers to ensure that projects are completed in a timely fashion and to the highest standards.


When contemplating a potential kitchen remodels, clients commonly do not consider where they are going to cook and eat throughout the construction process. In the  pre construction meeting our team will outline what the remodeling process will look like, and help you plan out what dates to have the perfect excuse for a night on the town or eat in. Click link for: (Process overview procedure and practices throughout a typical kitchen remodel) (general remodeling tips for preparation and planning)


Constructing the ideal kitchen requires a meticulous focus on the aesthetics and details to create the epicenter you and your home deserve. Karma has years of expertise in dealing with the varying styles of home-construction in your area, from Maryland and Virginia’s wood framed townhouses to Washington DC’s brick and mortar row homes. Karma will help you elegantly optimize your Kitchen space from appliances down to the finer ergonomic details (cabinets, countertops, tile backsplashes, tile & hardwood flooring, and unique lighting patterns). Appliances are incredibly important part of your kitchen. If you need new appliances to give your kitchen a specific style or if it is just time to replace that old wood burning stove, we have the skilled designers to help you tastefully pick out the ideal appliances that will give your home the look you want, within the budget you set. The number of styles for your kitchen are endless. Having an experienced professional methodically present the varying design styles that could accent your home, and the vision of your kitchen, is integral to the design process.


Karma’s integration of proven services and exceptional vendor relationships into its unique design approach is what sets us apart from competitors in creating value and satisfaction for our clients. It is crucial when selecting the right materials be able to see, touch, and feel the different product options that could ultimately turn your house into a home. Special attention to main components of a kitchen, like the cabinetry, and how its features seamlessly accent your countertops and windows is so important. A beveled edge or custom ergonomic hardware on pre made or custom cabinets can give your space that custom feel you are looking for. Simply adding pendant lighting over a peninsula, under cabinet lighting for that new backsplash, or fabricating deep ledges into a new projection window can transform your old house into a modern home or give your new house a more traditional ambiance. Our carpenters aim to keep the focus of your kitchen on the design, keeping other culinary aspects associated with kitchens, like pots and pans, out of sight with accessibility and ease of use in mind. While outward appearance is paramount, the functionality of a kitchen is just as important.


Remodeling the central gathering place in a home has a way of making clients realize the potential for the rest of their home. If you are going to remodel, it is best to do it simultaneously to get you back in your completed home more quickly, and increase the value on your home exponentially. Karma is an award winning, boutique “Dream and Build” Residential and Commercial Construction Firm. We have years of experience in building entire homes and remodels. Please check our General Remodeling, Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, Decking, Roofing, and Handyman design service pages for more information on how to improve your home!


It is common for  homeowners to feel a little overwhelmed when taking on a remodel. To help, keep this is mind:

Begin gathering ideas for your kitchen through internet research, magazines, etc. This is a great way to explore the options available to you and to have something to discuss with your project designer.  

Do your homework when choosing a remodeling company. Remodeling your kitchen is a big deal, who you choose to work with is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. It requires a highly detailed process, working with someone who is experienced is critical. A good contractor should always consider your needs and concerns, taste and style, and budget in great detail. A great project designer will design a solution that meets all of your desires. However, with all projects balancing costs, scope of work, and time is always difficult. If you have done your research it will be easier to get the right remodeling work for your kitchen.


-Your kitchen may be out-of-style

-Your kitchen may not function well for your needs

-You may not have enough storage space for all your things

-Your kitchen may be too dark

-There simply may not be enough cooking space or counter space. 

-Something may be broken and need repair

-You may be thinking about resale, and kitchens go far in the attractiveness of your home.

No matter your reason, it's important to share your reasons for remodeling with your designer and project manager. Only with your guidance will they be able to complete your vision the way you want it.


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