• Jordan Javier

Amazing Curved Kitchen Counters

The island counter is a contemporary kitchen standard. If the room has enough space, you'll be hard-pressed to find a kitchen without one. A curved island counter won't work for every kitchen, but there are many variations on this theme, so there's a chance that one of them will work well in your space. Here are five of our favorite examples.

Egg Shaped Counter - Cochrane Design: We're in love with this curvaceous island counter. It's a tough call to decide whether it looks more like an egg, a bathtub, or a boat, but whatever you think it resembles, it is the perfect design solution for this all-white apartment.

Half-Moon Counter - Build with Prospect: This curved island counter helps delineate the kitchen from the dining area, and takes up less space than a traditional L-shaped counter would.

Contemporary Kitchen - Lida Cucina: This curved corner is the perfect place for a quiet dinner. We also love that it's so conveniently close to the wine fridge.

Costal Kitchen - Krista Watterworth Design Studio: This is the most accessible curved counter. It almost acts as a U-shaped counter, and provides plenty of seating so you can cook with an audience.

Command Center - Stephen Graver Kitchens: The counter in this kitchen is definitely the family command center. By opting for a curved counter, they gained more counter space and storage than a traditional island counter.

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