• Jordan Javier

Getting Ready for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day falls on May 8th this year in the United States, and it always a wonderful day to celebrate your mom. Whether it is serving her breakfast in bed, or helping do chores around the house, there are simple home ideas that will also make mom feel pampered and special. Whether you will spend the day with her, or can send her some of your thoughtfulness, here are simple ideas to make her feel ‘at home’ and make you feel like the greatest child ever!

- Spruce up her home! While everyone is at the stores buying lavish gifts, many moms (including myself) would love for their homes to be spruced up as their gift! Whether this means giving her a bouquet of fresh flowers to adorn her table, or it means putting in some elbow grease and spring-cleaning – mom will appreciate the favor. If your mom needs some color added to her home, consider adding colorful decor to her furniture with throw pillows, area rugs, or even artwork or a new paint color.

- Have the kids create a gift: Let’s face it; all Moms’ enjoy gifts that have been created from their children. Help your kids decorate boxes, cans, and other containers with colorful beads, and craft accessories to hold Mom’s jewelry, or office desk supplies. Around the house, have kids decorate the porch, breakfast eating area, or entertaining space with lively flowers, streamers, and even balloons to commemorate the special day. Choose one of Mom’s ‘to-do’ list items and tackle it! Making a spring wreath for the front door, or making a fun necklace or bracelet out of playful beads will be enjoyable for your kids and Mom.

- Mom’s love to be pampered: Another great idea for Mom is to pamper her silly. Create some of her favorite foods for breakfast or lunch, and serve it to her in bed. Have a brunch and invite over some of her close friends or neighbors that may not have loved one’s near to celebrate Mother’s Day with. Treat mom to a spa day for her to relax, or create creative ‘gift cards’ that she can cash in for chores! Gift cards can be made from colorful paper, with chores like – ‘Do the dishes’, ‘Empty the groceries’ written on them, and she can enjoy daily chores being taken over by someone else for a change.

- Ask Mom what she wants to do: While surprises gifts are fun, some Mom’s would prefer to be asked what they want to do! For busy Mom’s that are always working or on the go, they may prefer to spend the day enjoying the family. Playing an outdoor sport at the park with the kids, or taking in a movie, may be all Moms want for their special day. Some Mom’s may want to take a one day road trip to an amusement park, and other’s may want to do nothing but swing on the porch swing and watch the day go by. Whichever she chooses, let her, it’s her day!

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it, so start preparing now. Decide on what type of activity or gift you want to give, and get the kids involved now. Craft stores and online resources will have great sales leading up to Mother’s Day, so take advantage of them. If you don’t have enough time to create a masterpiece, get your mom a fresh bouquet of flowers. Supposedly Mother’s Day is the most trafficked day in the United States for buying fresh flowers! Mom will love you for it!

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