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Professional Painting is the NEW CURB APPEAL

If you want to attract potential buyers and generally pre-frame the way people think about the value of the home. But what happens after the potential buyers enter the home is totally different. If the interior is painted entirely like an apartment, with neutral white or beige, then it doesn’t have any real personality.

Interior paint is important to create color palettes or accent walls that may give a higher perceived value of the home. It would be bad to choose paint colors that are not going to show up well as accents in pictures for listings.

Painting the exterior will also improve curb appeal. In some neighborhoods, there are older homes that have red brick exteriors. Using exterior paint and sealer to do a lighter shade, something like a white or a light gray on the brick, can actually make the home look entirely new and modern.

Karma Home Designs, provides professional painting services for the interior and exterior of the home. Best Painters of DC, MD, and VA are ready to help you prep for selling or when buying a new home.

Here is a Karma tip of some cool paints to use: Karma’s Top 3 color picks for an eye catching palette:

Beige Most real estate agents recommend painting a home neutral before putting it on the market. Neutral looks good and is easy for people to see what they want in the future.

Adding unexpected sophistication to rooms, a soft hue of beige usually works well with a handful of bright accent colors and decor elements made of wood, stone and metal. But the key to using color beige effectively when selling your home is to choose the right hue for your home’s overall appearance and the mood potential buyers would expect.

Gray Gray is another great color option. Using any of these shades, you can easily create a gray scale look which can be highlighted but don’t forget to consider the paint palette in your neighborhood.

Yellow Yellow might not seem like the best paint option when you’re at the home improvement store. However, painting your kitchen yellow could bring you a better deal when selling your home. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS HOME IN ALEXANDRIA VA!

Before painting and exterior work repair



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