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After The Storm

We hope you and your family are safe following the storm.

Better Business Bureau wants to remind those who have property damage to hire reputable contractors to help with repairs and clean-up.

Karma Home Designs works with your insurance company and their adjuster to make these repairs a reality and get your life back too normal as soon as possible. We have put these tips together along with some information from the Better Business Bureau

Hurricane Florence was expected to touch ground around 8 am EST on Friday, sept 14th with winds up to 110mph with 4 – 6 inches of rainfall. Such conditions can create a littered and hazardous environment for your family. Thankfully, most of DMV did not get hit with winds or floods but we are still among hurricane season.

What to do first After the Storm – Contact your insurance company

  • Call your insurance agent or insurance company and provide a description of your damage. Read your policy to determine what is covered and the level of coverage that exists. Most policies have deductibles that will apply. Once your loss is reported, an insurance company adjuster will contact you to inspect the damage. It can be an advantage to a homeowner to have Karma Home Designs at the adjustment inspection to help the adjuster find all damage to the home.

  • Take photos of the damaged areas. Pictures can be valuable if any questions arise during the claims process. Karma Home Designs can help with this part of the process.

  • Karma Home Designs can make temporary repairs to prevent further damage – cover broken windows, damaged roofs, etc. Keep track of supplies and materials you purchase.

  • Refrain from filing an insurance claim for repairs that you do not intend to make. There could be repercussions from your insurance company when you are being compensated to make certain repairs. Keep in mind that if you hold a mortgage on your home, your mortgage company may have a vested interest in you making the repairs and most mandate you to make the repairs.

What to do next After the Storm – Contact Karma Home Designs about repairs

  • Karma Home Designs is licensed in DC, MD and VA as a building contractor.

  • Karma Home Designs has general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

  • Karma Home Designs provided all proposals in pdf format with signatures

  • Karma Home Designs partners with Better Business Bureau to read Karma’s profile.

  • Karma Home Designs specialize in storm damage repair. Ask Karma to explain their process for working with insurance companies.

  • Karma Home Designs provided state inspections for your home repair.

  • You may want to ask a qualified contractor to assist in asking for a re-inspection.

  • Karma Home Designs explains the differences between warranties and guarantees. The manufacturer warranties their products and contractors have warranties on service. Karma may also offer customer service guarantees.

What to do first After the Storm – Debris

Karma Home Designs offers Hurricane Debris Removal along with our substantial inventory of equipment allows us to provide expedient response.

What to do first After the Storm – Floor Repairs

Karma Home Designs has assessed some Key Issues with flooding. If a flooded home has not been cleaned and dried properly by a professional contractor within a few weeks of the flood event, mold contamination should be expected, and additional steps are needed to clean and restore the home. Floodwaters carry a variety of contaminants such as bacteria, oil, heavy metals, and pesticides exposure to such items are below current limits for safe occupancy/ Other hazards are present in addition to the substances brought in with the floodwaters, especially in homes that were not dried out within a week of the flooding. Safety issues related to wet mechanical and electrical systems, exposure to lead and asbestos released from building materials, and mold growth need to be addressed.

Karma Home Designs highlights five steps for post-flood building restoration, including (1) air out, (2) move out, (3) tear out, (4) clean out, and (5) dry out. Mold is a serious health risk that Karma Home Designs can assist with repairing.

What to do first After the Storm – Roof Repairs

Hurricanes will shake up some loose shingles and some Roof damage. Unexpected roof leaks and broken shingles can be signs of even worse roof damage just waiting to happen. At Karma Home Designs we are equipped to handle any roofing problem, from roof repair to complete roof replacement. We offer a variety of roofing services such as ridge vents and ventilation installation, wind damage mitigation, roof maintenance, roof damage inspection, and more! We service virtually every type of roof including:

  • Clay Tiles

  • Concrete Tiles

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Composite Roofing

  • Energy Efficient Shingles

  • Flat Roofing

  • Rubber Roofing

Karma Home Designs also installs new siding and gutters! New vinyl siding or fiber cement siding is a great way to add extra protection from the elements while also increasing your home's energy efficiency through better insulation and ventilation. Remember, no roof repair is complete without an accompanying gutter repair!

On top of roofing and gutter services Karma Home Designs also offers professional window and door replacement! New windows and doors are the perfect solution after the storm repair or for any homeowner looking to upgrade to a gorgeous new look while also increasing energy efficiency. We use energy efficient frame materials and Low E glass that will allow greater insulation and ventilation while also letting in natural sunlight to give your home a brighter look. We will help you choose the best styles and materials for your home's unique aesthetic from our large selection of window & door types including:

  • Aluminum Windows

  • Bay & Bow Windows

  • Casement Windows

  • Double-Hung Windows

  • Picture Windows

  • Sliding Windows

  • Vinyl Windows

  • Wood Windows

  • Aluminum Clad Doors

  • Patio Doors

  • Sliding Doors

  • Vinyl Doors

  • Wood Doors

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