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Remodeling an Outdated House? What to Restore and What to Replace?

The District of Columbia despite the many cranes and construction projects that pop up all over the nation’s capital still continues to retain much of its historicity and charm. The only hiccup is that over the years our home becomes outdated. Here are our three major ideas to renovate your older home.

Foundation cracks are real! Old homes may have been built better from the ground up, but their foundations often don’t withstand the test of time, says Kris Christopherson from Karma Home Designs.

“In cement block or cinder block, which was used from the mid-1960s on back, the cinder portion is not as structurally sound as the cement block, so you get cracks, and water penetrates,” he says. “In homes 40 or 50 years ago, they typically didn’t use foundation sealer on the outside, and now it wouldn’t seem real prudent to dig up landscaping and sidewalks to do exterior sealing.” The maxim result that can come from Cracked foundations is a common source of radon, a naturally occurring radioactive gas that has been identified as the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Karma Home Designs can be able to seal the inside of the blocks for example in your basement it can rectify the problem, but Karma's also divert as much water as possible with drainpipes and grading outside, or the hydrostatic pressure may cause the sealant to peel.

When your older home was built, chances are that grounded electrical outlets were either not required by code or only required in locations where water is present such as kitchens and baths. But times and codes have changed. Karma Home Designs can check if your outlets are grounded. Completing electrical work in accordance with code today requires that you install ground-fault-interrupter, or GFI, outlets in your kitchen and baths and possibly one outlet in your garage. The GFI cuts off power immediately should an appliance come in contact with water. Karma Home Designs can also upgrade your electrical box from to today’s 200-amp standard. A new box is a good investment since older systems weren’t built to run modern appliances such as dishwashers, hair dryers, garbage disposals and air conditioners. Karma Home Designs can also replace the wiring throughout your entire home.

Windows are also an impactful change to the renovating your older home. Karma Home Designs carriers various windows vendors and can frame new windows. As strange as it seems, the old single-pane windows are now typically more expensive and harder to find than the double-pane energy-efficient windows approved for new construction. Windows create a more open space and natural lighting.

Here is Karma's Home Designs recent renovation before and after on an older home.





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