• Katherine Power

Before you Purchase Solar Panels

Solar panel energy is becoming more and more popular daily and it is no wonder with all the benefits solar provides, the major benefits of installing a home solar power system are economical and environmental. Fun Fact, The District of Columbia ranks at top the list of states that provide economic stimulus for solar power, as of 2015 (Wooohoo!)

Before you purchase a home solar power system you must ensure your roof is in the right condition for the weight of the panels.

First, when you call a solar company they will ask you if you have had a roof inspection done, in which, some solar companies will provide a tech to come for an on site evaluation or you could have professional roofers come to your home and conduct an evaluation. Karma Home Designs can happily come and inspect your attic with our thermal imaging camera to detect any moisture and conduct an onsite evaluation of your roof.

The roof will need to withstand the weight of the solar panels. If you have had your roof for a few years, you may want to consider replacing it. Solar panels last about 25 years when certain roofs have about a 2o/25 year warranty. Companies can take off the solar to repair/replace a roof but it can be very costly.

Secondly, you'll want to make sure your roof obtains a lot of direct sunlight. So if there is a tree branch or something obstructing direct sunlight, consider getting rid of it, if possible. Last, You will want to have your roof measured so you are aware how much square footage in panels to purchase.If you are interested in getting solar panels for your home/company, give Karma Home Designs a call today to schedule an onsite evaluation for your roof.

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