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Updating your bathroom is a home improvement project that is one of the best investments in your home. An updated bathroom is a crucial selling point if you ever have to put your house on the market. Those who cannot purchase a new home but wish to have updated amenities benefit from updated bathrooms. A spa-like or updated bathroom will make you never want to leave your current home.


Choosing to remodel a bathroom has a few distinct benefits. Bathroom renovations add value to your home. Home buyers are very critical of a house's bathrooms and will make low-ball offers if they think they will have to pour money into an outdated bath. Some buyers won't even make an offer on a home with a mediocre bathroom. Updating your bathroom will increase the beauty of your home. A well-timed bathroom renovation project could also help you identify minor problems in your home before they become major problems. For instance, a leaky second-floor shower could cost you thousands to repair damage caused by water. Identifying a leak while remodeling a bathroom could save you from these costly repairs.


Consider the interior design theme of your home, desired features and your budget when undergoing a bathroom remodeling project. A contemporary bathroom is very chic and sophisticated, but will not look right in a home that has a country interior design everywhere else. Certain individuals desire amenities such as heated tile, natural stone tile and natural stone countertops. Others want an open floor plan, natural lighting and updated fixtures. You need to prioritize your desired features and also consider your budget. If you forget to set a budget, you might end up with a beautiful bathroom that you can't enjoy because you don't know how you are going to pay for it.

​​Average Cost

According to, a bathroom remodel can cost between $5,000 and $30,000. The overall cost of a bathroom remodeling project depends on the materials you use and whether you use a contractor or do the remodel yourself. A $5,000 project will allow you to obtain new drywall, re-tile your shower with ceramic tile, paint the walls and refinish the baseboards. If your budget is $5,000, don't expect to be able to afford a contractor. A professional bathroom remodel will cost $8,000 or more. At Karma Home Designs, we have standard projects we can do at $7500.00. Look at the price list for details.

​Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodel

Some homeowners are making green renovations to their home. Eco-friendly living and a sustainable lifestyle are very important to many individuals. There are many decorative bathroom elements made from recycled or sustainable resources. Recycled glass countertops, recycled tiles and eco-friendly paint are all available at most upscale home design centers. Water-conserving toilets and shower heads are fixtures that eco-conscious consumers shouldn't forget during a green bathroom remodel. Purchase bathroom decorations at second-hand stores, and buy toilet paper and tissue made from recycled paper to complete an eco-friendly bathroom.


Those with a limited budget, or those who live in a rental home, can remodel their bathroom through simple redecorating projects. Change out tired light fixtures for a quick, easy and inexpensive face lift. Painting ceramic wall tile a bold color, changing the paint on the walls and swapping out decorative accessories all are easy ways to remodel a bathroom. Add decorative shelving to add extra storage. More storage will give a smaller bathroom a larger feel.


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