There are three options when considering a kitchen remodel. 

Cosmetic Update
A cosmetic update is simply a way to renew your kitchen space for the lowest cost, the fastest way, and . This may include replacing countertops or cabinets, updating lighting.,putting in new floors (tile or hardwood), adding stainless steel appliances, adding a backsplash, or some combination of these.  A few changes can go along way!

Pull and Replace Remodel
Everything in the kitchen (cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc.) is updated and replaced in the original configuration This can be upgrading to granite countertops, adding  tile floors, new wooden cabinetry etc. With this type of remodel, no walls are moved or removed and no new design is needed. You can still achieve a brand new look and dramatic transformation by simply  choosing the right materials selections.  Your designer and project manager will the ones who will guide you through this process, to update a tired and out-of-date kitchen with the same working floor plan.

Custom Kitchen Renovation
A custom kitchen renovation typically includes replacing all kitchen components as well as reconfiguring or expanding the space. Oftentimes with a custom kitchen renovation, walls between adjoining rooms are removed to gain more space, adding an island, adding additional counter tops, or other additions or bump outs. This remodel changes the kitchen space to better suit your needs, it is defined by the word CUSTOM, specific for the CUSTOMER. Custom renovations are highly design intensive, can be costly, but upgrade and improve the entire flow of the house.

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