Karma's Community Service Commitment 

Karma recognizes how vital Philanthropy and Community Service are for the general welfare of any community. This is why here at Karma we gladly contribute time and resources every year to those in need in our great community. Very few things bring the same satisfaction as a long day of charitable work, Karma wants to share that with you. Through our involvement we hope to strengthen our diverse community while getting know the wonderful people who comprise. Caring for the environment, the misfortunate, and the posterity of our youth is the corporate responsibility of any business.


If you have any philanthropic suggestions for our team or would like join us, please forward all requests to:


Please see one of our most recent charity efforts at the Joint Base Anacostia–Bolling Military Lyceum. Our team made improvements to the base while working closely with Boy Scout Troop 996 for their Eagle Scout Service Project. It was a great experience teaching the Scouts how drywalling and painting is done right, especially when you are improving a space used by our county's finest service men and women.  

We do not in the normal course of business acquire identity-specific information from our website users. To the extent we do acquire information from you, we will not share it with others except as required or permitted by law.


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