Karma Home Designs works hard to make sure new and interesting products are available to our clients.

Checkout a new unparalleled product - Stretch Ceiling and 3D Lighting Systems.


Karma offers unique designs and perfect results that will fit within your budget and accent the style of your home. 

Stretch Ceilings are an ideal solution for people looking for a magnificent, one of a kind lighting systems, or to change the visual space of a room with incredible shapes, colors, textures, and styles.

Stretched ceilings are adapted in renovation or in new buildings construction. These are an excellent solution to solve problems with acoustic and visual effects as well as ceilings and walls that suffer from reoccurring water damage.


Stretch ceilings are sustainable, versatile and affordable. With a variety of innovative, eco-friendly materials our professional designers can produce sophisticated, multi-leveled, translucent ceilings or create eye-catching wall-mount boards or to create unique interior design and atmosphere for any habitable space (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, hallways, etc.) and commercial buildings (restaurants, hotels, offices, hospitals, etc.). 


Stretch ceilings can last between 40-50 years. We offer a 10 year warranty on all materials.

From the following video with our partner, NYCeiling Inc., you can see the process of a stretch ceiling installation by qualified installers. This video demonstrates this unique technology's versatility. Stretch ceilings can be used to decoratively design residencies, hotels, restaurants, salons, etc.

New high-tech fabric provides the ability to offer a translucent solution to any acoustic problem. Thanks to its 40% translucency and its high acoustic-dampening properties, many applications combining aesthetics and acoustics are now possible!


Acoustic coverings are specifically used to dampen and control sound levels. Noise can be absorbed up to 70%.

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