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Careful planning will help you stay on budget.
To estimate your kitchen remodeling expenses, decide if you want luxury finishes, midrange products or a mix of both. If you can keep some of your current fixtures and materials, you'll save on both labor and supplies. Though you can keep your budget in check by doing the work yourself, substandard results will detract from the resale value of your home. Only tackle the jobs that you've done before.  Does this Spark an idea?

Option One: The Facelift
Kitchens with good bones may not require a total overhaul. As long as your cabinets still function and your layout works, you can get away with cosmetic work. Including the cost of labor, plan to spend $21,695 for a basic kitchen remodel, according to Remodeling magazine's Cost vs. Value Report 2010-11. (See References 1) This figure assumes that you'll swap out your old cabinet doors and drawers for new ones, but retain your current cabinet boxes. The estimate factors in several other new items: a sink, faucet, wall oven, laminate countertops, flooring and paint. Expect to pay more if you live on the West Coast or if your kitchen exceeds 200 square feet.

​Option Two: The Complete Overhaul
If your kitchen needs extensive work, budget $58,367 for a complete renovation with midrange materials. The estimate includes semi-custom cabinetry, an island, laminate counters and new appliances. Flooring, paint, lighting and a standard faucet and sink fit into this budget as well. In some Southern states, including Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, expect to pay a few thousand dollars less than the national average because of lower labor costs.

Option Three: The High-End Renovation
If you want luxury finishes, plan to spend more than six figures for your remodeling job. For $113,464, you can revamp every square inch of the room. The figure includes materials such as custom cabinetry, natural stone countertops and a tile backsplash. The cost allows for built-in appliances and bonus features, including a warming drawer and trash compactor. From reverse-osmosis water filtration to cork flooring, this plan offers the finishing touches that avid cooks desire.

​Ways to Save
By taking your time and buying appliances on sale, you can lower your remodeling costs. Unless you're planning to stay put in your home for years to come, don't overdo your kitchen. For every $10 you spend on remodeling your kitchen, you'll only get back $7 at resale. Upscale renovation jobs recoup even less. If all of your neighbors own standard cabinets and laminate countertops, you won't recoup much of the cost of zebrawood cabinets and marble countertops. Prioritize one or two must-haves, but opt for standard finishes whenever possible. Save money by installing laminate rather than hardwood floors. Laminate planks not only stand up to heavy wear and tear, but also click into place, so most homeowners can install them.


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