Above you will see a variety of windows commonly used home construction and remodel. The right window can give the space you are remodeling the proper look and lighting that your vision requires. Windows can define the style of your house's outward appearance in modern or traditional ways. Customizing your home's windows is a great option to satisfy your changing tastes and needs. 

Below are detailed descriptions of the windows above.

Locally Made:

-Designed for our local climate

-Custom made for your home

-Fast replacement/repair parts available


Reduced Maintenance Options:

-100% virgin vinyl – no painting

-Tilt-in, double hung sashes

-Never needs painting


Energy Package:

-Dual insulated glass w/Solarban 60 Low E

-Non-conductive foam

-Super Spacer Fully weather-stripped sashes


Modern Green Design:

-Trim line frames-more natural light

-Energy Star rated

-Lowers impact on the environment


Single hung windows are usually rectangle in shape, though they can be designed to fit almost any opening. Vinyl is the most inexpensive and popular frame material. The cost of replacing single hung windows is determined the size, type of glass, framing, and number of windows being replaced. Single hung windows come with at least two panes of glass layered together. the area between the to panes can be filled for extra insulation.


This type of window has two sashes that slide vertically up and down within the frame. They have the ability to open wide from either the top or bottom pane while remaining inside the frame without protruding past the exterior or interior of the house. Single-hung windows only open from the bottom pane while the top part remains stationary.


Sliding windows are much larger than double-hung windows and known for their ease of operation. Certain options allow one pain to side slides on rollers, the other pane remaining stationary. Other styles can be ordered with two to three sliders for versatility and appeal. Slider windows have simple mechanical design that allows them to easily be shut and opened. The tightly, effectively sealing off air from outside. Slider windows can be fitted with Zo-e-Shield glass, which employs a combination of low-E coatings, insulating gas between panes, and non-conductive spacers to insulate your home against cold air flow. They are most often used in modern- or contemporary-style houses. 


Casement windows are extremely energy-efficient, similar to Fixed-Pane Windows. The window sash firmly presses against the frame upon closing, creating an airtight seal to prevent leakage in or out. With single-lever or tandem latches, casement windows are easy to open and close. They operate by turning an easy crank mechanism and can be hinged to open from the on the left, right, top, or bottom providing excellent ventilation and lighting. Most models can be fitted with automatic/electric openers.


Picture window panes are fixed within its frame, there are no extraneous metal pieces that come along with it. It completely eliminates costs associated with fixing broken parts or worn out. With no mechanical activity, these windows are much less expensive than similar windows that contain moving items. Given their open design, picture windows are ideal for keeping a room well lit with a great view. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but even the smallest picture window will light up the room.


Since awning windows open from the top, they create an awning effect (hence their name) and provide protection from the weather while allowing ventilation. They permit very little leakage from rain when open. You can enjoy fresh air in your home or office, even when the weather is bad. Typically a smaller window, awnings can be installed higher up on the wall compared to most types of windows. Without compromising your privacy or safety, they still provide natural light and ventilation. They are great in bathrooms and bedrooms—their ease of use makes them perfect to add over a counter or sink.


Generally, bay or bow windows give more interior space, as they protrude out from the exterior side of the house. They are a combination of windows. Usually a centered stationary window flanked two double-hung or casement windows. Bay windows have a deep sill area that’s commonly used as a display or sitting area. Whether you choose to install a bay window in your master bedroom, kitchen, or living room it is sure to provide a great look while giving you extra space.


Hopper windows are a unique style of window that has tons of character and harkens back to another era. Hoppers are hinged at the bottom and the tilt out from the top - they are essentially the opposite of an awning window tilts out from the bottom. Hoppers usually have a hand crank, similar to a casement, that allows the window to be opened outward. A support ensures the window doesn't get damaged by slamming closed in high winds.


Custom windows have specific benefits depending on the build. Each window is designed to fit perfectly into your house. Custom windows save energy in your home by better insulating your home and keeping air from slipping through the cracks. They are simple and easy to install. You can customize the style, shape, and even the color of your replacement window. Custom Windows offer the client an opportunity to pick a unique style for their remodel, truly making their home, their own


Window boxes are a design features that you rarely seen in design.  However, you might consider window boxes as possible design solutions given their effectiveness and style potential. Box Windows can bring a flat and boring space to life by adding depth and dimension, color and texture with seasonal change. A window box can give the exterior dimensions of your home a nicely finished look.


With double sash tilt and turn window the first operating sash functions the same as a single tilt and turn window. A single handle operates all 3 functions; the multiple locking points for safety, the tilt function for gentle air movement and the turn option for maximum ventilation. When the first – primary sash – is opened, the second opener can now be operated with a simple lift of a single lever. This lever, much like the handle, releases multiple locking points. When both windows are open, there is no center divider remaining that would obstruct the view.


Garden Windows are a special type of window that expand out past the exterior of your home. They contains several shelves for holding assorted plants like herbs cooking or aesthetic flowers.  Typically installed in kitchens over the sink or  rooms that needs a natural touch or better light. Besides versatility, garden windows are cost effective because their easy-to-install kits that fit into an existing window spaces. Although many garden windows are small, they allow extra light and air into the room. Garden windows typically open on the sides by turning a handle, allowing for ample air flow.